Mommy Blogs

Thanks to my blog-saavy friends and family for sending me lots of links to women who have more time to ponder – and are more articulate – about pregnancy than I.  I’ve learned so much from these blogs.


Blog posts to read when you are…

…making sure you are checking off your “I’m a grown-up” list of preparation for a child


…trying to figure out a maternity wardrobe that mostly involves your clothes + essentials


…thinking by trimester of essentials


…worried about staying friends with your friends without kids


…worried about all the crap you have to buy/what is even in a diaper bag


…thinking about sleep arrangements post-baby


…trying to create a baby library but want to be a feminist/activist/truist


…figuring out actual parenting moves


…unsure how you feel about knowing the gender


…trying to figure out how to prepare your husband


…sick of people commenting on your beautiful pregnant body


…thinking of names


…worrying about childcare


…just want to read about pregnancy stories


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