getting ready for baby

We have had such amazing advice from friends and family who have had babies about what we need to prepare for this little one in our lives –

We’ve created a short list of the things we think we’ll need to take care of her (and ourselves!) if you’d like to check it out.  As our apartment is not huge, we’re trying to stick to just the essentials – but if we have missed anything on this list that you think IS essential, please let us know!

Baby Pasciullo Cahill Registry

Thank you! 🙂

erica & chris


birth class/nature hike

We had a great birth class today with Susan Messina, a wonderful birth coach/doula in town.  She helped us to identify and process some of our concerns about labor/delivery and afterward and maybe even more importantly, helped us come up with labor and delivery intentions – and a playbook of things to try.

Chris and I know intimately that there’s only so much we can control in labor and birth, but it feels good to be on the same page about what’s important to us.

Afterward we went on a (slow but beautiful) walk through Rock Creek Park.  We’re trying to revel in time together just the two of us, but we are getting so excited to be a family of three.  I can’t believe we’re going to meet her in just a few short months!



kayaking mini-moon

I spent New Years with some of my best friends out in California for a last big hurrah of travel before the baby comes.  We had lots of time to hike around, slow mornings of sipping coffee, and we went kayaking in half moon bay.

Apparently I’m (barely) not to pregnant to be forbidden from kayaking – begging the question, what are they worried about?  I didn’t ask, but I made sure that I didn’t get too wet or cold.  The wetsuit was definitely a little tight, but the day was beautiful, the sea lions were braying, the pelicans were dipping, and we had a blast.  I definitely recommend kayaking while pregnant 🙂


6 months hike

We did the brave and bold thing this morning of hiking up Old Rag including the rocky scramble for the last mile.

Six months pregnant, this is no joke.

While I’m definitely slower and have to be more aware of my belly in front of me, I still love hiking mountains.  I’m hoping all this outdoor active time our little bean is experiencing while she’s floating around in utero will help set the tone for her to love the outdoors as we do.

on top of Old Rag, 6 months pregnant!

Mommy Blogs

Thanks to my blog-saavy friends and family for sending me lots of links to women who have more time to ponder – and are more articulate – about pregnancy than I.  I’ve learned so much from these blogs.


Blog posts to read when you are…

…making sure you are checking off your “I’m a grown-up” list of preparation for a child


…trying to figure out a maternity wardrobe that mostly involves your clothes + essentials


…thinking by trimester of essentials


…worried about staying friends with your friends without kids


…worried about all the crap you have to buy/what is even in a diaper bag


…thinking about sleep arrangements post-baby


…trying to create a baby library but want to be a feminist/activist/truist


…figuring out actual parenting moves


…unsure how you feel about knowing the gender


…trying to figure out how to prepare your husband


…sick of people commenting on your beautiful pregnant body


…thinking of names


…worrying about childcare


…just want to read about pregnancy stories

“Bump” Photos

When we first announced to our greater circle of friends that I am pregnant, it was halloween – so we thought, what better way to make this announcement than for me to dress as Juno, with a false belly.

Little did I realize just how real that belly would feel so soon 🙂

false belly on Halloween with my co-residents
chris and I on Halloween as Juno (with a false belly) and Paulie 


our first anniversary/second trimester!

We went to Shenendoah National Park to celebrate our first anniversary this weekend! It was wonderful to get to spend time together.  My nausea is a little bit improved now that I’m finally in the second trimester so I was able to eat some of the delicious food at our celebratory dinner.  It felt really good to hike around in the woods, despite the fact that I’m definitely slower and taking more breaks that I used to.  Pregnancy definitely changes the body much sooner than it shows!

anniversary hike
anniversary hike

My tips for battling pregnancy nausea:

  1. stay hydrated!
  2. keep something in my stomach at all times
  3. sleep as much as possible
  4. mostly breads, adding protein whenever possible

Hoping it keeps getting better!